You Can't Always Judge A Book By Its Cover

We struggled with our RV Park choices when we moved back to the Springs.

Most RV parks here are very nice but also very pricey. They cater more to tourists in this area and are not affordably priced for long term RVers like us.

We looked at several other parks but none seemed to fit our needs. The location of one park was not conveniently located to my new job. So we finally decided on a mobile home park where my parents stayed a few years ago when they were RVing.

Steve was not impressed with this park. He really didn't want to live here. But it is centrally located; convenient to commute to work and my visit my family; and very affordable. We moved in on June 9th and agreed to a one month trial.

It is now November 1st and we are still here. We've met some of our neighbors and are feeling settled. God has blessed and protected us here.

I was thinking the other day that many times we don't want to choose something because of its looks.

But you can't always judge a book by it's cover.

One Year Anniversary

Next week will be our one year anniversary in the RV. How time flies!

It was such a blessing to already be living in the RV when we moved back to Colorado in May. The whole move was certainly simplied! :)

For the most part this past year has been a good journey and we are no worse for the wear.

Will we still be living in the RV this time next year? God only knows!

The Trip to Colorado

Our trip from Fenton, MO to Colorado Springs was quite an adventure!

After a stop at MidWest RV for some quick repairs on the RV, we left Fenton on Thursday morning, May 1st. The trip was uneventful. My biggest challenge was driving though Kansas City. (I was following Steve in the car.) I sang most of the way and was hoarse by the time we reached the KOA campground in Lawrence, KS that evening! :)

We went to bed and woke up to the sound of thunder and a strong wind rocking the 5th wheel. Steve and I clung to each other in bed and prayed for about 15 minutes until the storm moved over us. The next day we heard that Lawrence had been under a tornado warning with 60-70 mi hr winds! We thanked God for His protection.

On Friday, May 2nd we left Lawrence and headed for the KOA in WaKeeney, KS about 275 miles away. The last few hours of our trip we battled 35-40 mi hour winds with gusts much higher. I prayed continually as I followed Steve in the car and watched 18 wheelers being blown all over the road as they tried to pass him. From my vantage point it seemed there were several near misses between the tractor trailers and our RV. Again, I thanked God over and over for His mercy and protection. At the KOA in WaKeeney that night, the wind continued to howl and we were rocked to sleep by the swaying of the RV.

On Saturday, May 3rd we took off for Colorado Springs. After a few hours the winds decreased and the trip was much more enjoyable. I did have to smile when I noticed snow on the ground in Goodland, KS and in eastern Colorado. After all it was already May!! :) We arrived at Mom and Dad's in good spirits in the early afternoon. I was so happy to finally be there and know we wouldn't have to make the trip across Kansas again any time soon!


Loving it in Colorado

After much prayer, we made the move to Colorado Springs last month. It was definitely a God thing.

This was the easiest move we've ever made. We've been living in the RV since last summer when the house sold. We always said we would "hook up" and go someday and that's exactly what happened! :)

The RV park here is not quite as nice as the one in Fenton. But it is quiet and we are doing fine.


Celebrating the Holidays

Living in a 5th wheel presents its challenges but with it comes the simplicity of the RV lifestyle.

Obviously we won't retrieve the 6' Christmas tree or 7 totes of decorations from storage. However, we will decorate. Just on a much smaller scale.

Our 24" optic tree will fit perfect on a small table between the recliners. Garland and a few lights will adorn the windows. We might hang a few lights outside. And there is even a place for our stockings above the electric fireplace.

We'll cook a turkey or ham in our RV size oven on Christmas Day. And bake a few other goodies to go with it.

I will be estatic on January 1st when I don't have totes of decorations to repack and a tree to take down. It will be a breeze!

A Fireplace in an RV?

People laugh and give me a funny look when I mention we have a fireplace. One person even asked if we had a chimney! Now that would be a sight! :)

I have to admit, a fireplace did seem strange to us at first. And to be honest, if we had ordered this RV we probably would have chosen the cabinet for storage rather than the fireplace.

With dropping temperatures, we've used the electirc fireplace several times this week. A flip of a switch lights up the logs, creates flames and makes the embers glow. Another switch turns on the electric heater.

Not bad....puts out pretty good heat.

We Moved Again!

That's the great thing about living in an's fairly easy to move.

Steve wanted to move to higher ground in case of flooding. (I wondered about his reasoning since we're in a drought but decided against it. A few years ago he insisted on moving for the same reason and later I was so glad he did. A wind storm hit soon after our move and the canopy of the RV in our old spot was destroyed by a tree limb that was blown down.)

So we moved up on the hill. I started thinking we'd made a mistake. It was a small pad and we were cramped for space.

Two days later we noticed the motor home two spaces up from us pull out. Steve immediatly called the park manager to see if that space was available. It was and we moved again several days later.

We love our new spot. We were told this pad was poured for a 16x80 trailer. (The park was for mobile homes before the flood in 1993.) We have plenty of room for our fifth wheel, one ton dually truck, and car. There is even an extra concrete space behind the fifth wheel for a storage shed.

We feel so blessed!